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MEZZORA PER VOI – Half-an-Hour for You

MEZZ’ORA PER VOI – Half-an-Hour for You 24’
Do you want to keep in shape – or to get back in shape? This is the show for you: a personal trainer will guide you through simple and sometimes not-so-simple physical exercises, in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Pilates, yoga, workout – each episode, a different lesson […]



SUL CUCUZZOLO DELLA MONTAGNA  Up on the Mountains– 12’

A chef. His young son. A funny uncle. In a mountain home surrounded by the snow. Sounds like the perfect setting for a Christmas story, doesn’t it? With this show we learn how to prepare the perfect dishes for our winter holidays – food to keep us warm. […]

PUOI CUCINARLO ANCHE TU – You can cook that, too!


PUOI CUCINARLO ANCHE TU  You can cook that, too!– 25’

Each episode, a challenge: two chefs, a three-course menu, and a winner at the end… But this is more than just a game: we will also learn how to cook some of the most delicious gastronomic specialties of Northern Italy and Switzerland, as both chefs will share […]