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IL ROMPISCATOLE – STICK OR STAKE (ENG) – Game show – 10’ or 24′ – On tv now

A secret word, and five clues which will help the contestant to discover it. Hosted by Federico Soldati (famous mentalist and magician)

Share: Over 42%

Seasons: 5

Episodes: over 1.000

WATCH THE TRAILER password: pandora

Broadcaster: RSI (Switzerland) – Format Option: France

Optioned in France


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FLASHFORWARD – Game show weekly – trailer format
Contestants must bet on real-life events (of international or national relevance – or sometimes of no relevance at all!) which will happen during the following week. Who will prove to be the most daring, insightful, perceptive punter?

Presented at MIPFORMATS 2017 by THE WIT at Fresh TV.

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SHOPPING GAME – Game show – Brand and content/product pacement

SHOPPING GAME – Game show  –  format

8 episodes x 24′
Broadcaster: BTV Italy

The new frontier of shopping – a game where a contestant, chosen from the crowd in a mall or a central street, can get for free all the items she/he’d wish to buy – except, he/she must first give the right answer!

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POINTS OF VIEW – Visual game show – Pilot episode

POINTS OF VIEW – visual game show – Pilot episode

A game based on drawings – simple drawings at first sight, but not as simple as they seem to be! The contestants will test their attention to details, memory and general culture. Perfect show for smart teenagers.

Unique in many ways – starting from the original drawings made […]


SORRY WRONG NUMBER – Game show – Paper format
The first quiz show… on the phone! The contestant must find the answers to the questions the host asks… by calling people he doesn’t personally know. Will these random strangers help him/her with the correct answer?

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NUMBER ONE FAN – Prime time show

NUMBER ONE FAN – Prime time show – Paper format
A game show in which a group of fans of the same VIP (a singer, an actor…) takes part, competing against each other. Who’s more familiar with the famous person’s career and private life? The prize for the winner: an exclusive, intimate dinner with the vip himself!

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STREET CHALLENGE –  Game show – Pilot episode

The urban game to end all urban games – general-knowledge-questions challenges between two total strangers randomly picked in the street by the host of the show. Who will prove to be the best… in the road?

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PRECIOUS THINGS – Prime time game show

PRECIOUS THINGS – Prime time game show – Paper format
This new trivia show isn’t just about winning money at any correct answer: for each question the contestants must bet some of their most precious possessions – which they will lose if the answer turns out to be wrong.

Ideal for rime time.

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STRIPPED – Game show

STRIPPED – Game show – trailer format
The first quiz show where the contestants end up… without even the proverbial shirt on their back! Both challenging and hilarious, this isn’t just any tv game – there’s a twist, unpredictable and visually startling… Contestants pass questions to each other – and any mistake can lead to them disappearing […]


THE SIXTH SENSE  – game show – Paper format

A new, totally original quiz show made for contestants who will have to show  their intuition, instinct and insight.

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CHILDHOOD FRIENDS – Prime time game/reality Show

CHILDHOOD FRIENDS – Game/reality Show – paper format
Do the rich and famous remember their past – or they forget the time when they weren’t rich nor famous? In this emotional game show, two VIPs will take turns at recognizing friends from long ago. Who will prove to have the better memory?

Prime time


ASK ME A QUESTION – Game show – Paper format
The first “reversal” quiz show! Starting from a given answer, the contestants must create questions, and challenge first a panel of experts… and then each other.

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THE HOUSE – Game show

THE HOUSE – Game show – Paper format
In each episode, a different apartments block: from one flat to another, its inhabitants must help each other in solving, in the shortest possible time, questions and riddles. The money they will possibly win will be used to renovate parts of the building itself.

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THE PERFECT FAMILY – Game show – Paper format
How well do we really know our relatives? Members of a family (father, mother, children) must answer multiple-choice questions about each other’s tastes, habits, attitudes, secrets…

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