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SVIZZERA E DINTORNI – Switzerland and Around

SVIZZERA E DINTORNI Switzerland and Around- 25′
A series of documentaries about different areas of Switzerland. The aim is to show places which still aren’t too tourist-oriented yet, a side of the country which is in a way more secretive and reserved, but not less beautiful than its more famous and publicized counterparts.

Language: italian

Episodes: 385






NON TE LO DIRO’ MAI – I will never tell you


NON TE LO DIRO’ MAI – I will never tell you – 24′
The magical and somehow mysterious world of mushrooms – how and where to find them, how to select them, how to recognize them. Walks in the woods with men and women who are familiar with mushrooms and love them – and by learning […]


Il Giardino di Albert (“Albert’s Garden”) is the
scientific magazine of RSI, structured as a series
of brief informative episodes. It addresses the
important issues that directly concern our daily lives
(such as the environment, health, nutrition)
with the intent of introducing the general public to
the newest findings of laboratory research (medicine,
astronomy, new […]

VACANZE KM ZERO – Holidays around the Corner

VACANZE KM ZERO – Holidays around the Corner – 25′
Switzerland – the “picturesque country” par excellence! In each episode, a different path through mountains, valleys, small towns, unforgettable landscapes. And meetings – with the people who live there, and share with us not only the history of the place, but their life story, too.

Language: italian

Episodes: 27

WEB […]

NOTTE AL MUSEO – Night at the Museum

NOTTE AL MUSEO – Night at the Museum 25′
A new, intriguing way of looking at the most important museums in Switzerland, and at the works of art which they contain: by night, when visitors have left, and we are the only privileged ones who can get inside. Well, the only humans, actually – as there’s […]